Say goodbye to Low Battery Anxiety

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Unleash the Power of Connectivity with Universal Laptop Type-C Charging Connector!

Connect it with Powerbank.

  • Seamless connection for quick and efficient device charging.

  • Charge while camping, traveling, and daily use away from power outlets.

  • Multiple Laptop Adaptors

Connect it with Car Charger .

  • Convenient charging solution during road trips and daily commutes.

  • Stay connected and powered on-the-go.

  • Ensures uninterrupted work for emergency or daily use

Connect it with Charging Adaptor.

  • Enables charging in different locations with varying power outlets.

  • Mobility

  • Built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Thousands of happy users

Stay connected and powered on-the-go.

Limited-time offer

30-day money-back guarantee

Free shipping worldwide

It is more than just a cable...

It’s a testament to a new era of charging experiences.

Ditch the bulky brick

This adapter seamlessly converts your existing USB-C PD charger (like the one you use for your phone or tablet) into a laptop powerhouse

Universal compatibility

Say goodbye to adapter roulette! 8 interchangeable DC connector tips ensure a snug fit for virtually any laptop, from Dell to Asus to Lenovo.

Built to last

Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, this adapter is your everyday workhorse, ready for the long haul.

Blazing-fast charging

Experience the rush of 100W power delivery, juicing up your laptop in record time. Work, game, or create without the battery anxiety.

Safety first

Integrated smart chips and multiple protection protocols ensure safe and reliable charging, safeguarding your precious laptop.

Portable powerhouse

Compact and lightweight, the adapter effortlessly slips into your bag, a perfect travel companion for the globetrotting professional.

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